About Us

One of the most important things about us we’d like you to know is that we believe owning an eBike shouldn’t have to be compromise between quality and cost.

Why spend a fortune on an electric bike that you wouldn’t want to ride if it wasn’t for the ‘e’ part of its name?

We can take your existing normal bike, the one that you probably already love, or maybe haven’t had a chance to use in a while, and turn it into something great.

Alternatively, we’ll work with you to create a complete custom build of a brand new bike – no compromises, just a great riding eBike.

Why use Custom Built eBikes?​

Read our testimonials or Google reviews
Our customers rate the quality of our work, our communications and our support.

Electric bike kits and upgrades are all we do
Specialise team that understand the technology, the market and the pitfalls.

Dedicated electric bike workshop
We don’t play at this – we have specialist tools often not found in a traditional bike workshop.

Our pricing is fair – in fact, beyond fair
Offering some of the most competitive prices on the internet.

We’re UK based, and offer UK warranties and support
So if something does go wrong, you’re protected.

What do we offer?

eBike Motors and Batteries
Need a specialist eBike part? We stock a growing range of parts.

eBike Spares and Accessories
Aftermarket bicycle parts allow you to customise your bike the way you like.

Build Service
Not confident in fitting the parts yourself? Let us do the build for you!

Customer Service
We’ll listen to you and help you choose the best options for your eBike.

What our customers say about us...

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