Are Custom Built eBike batteries safe?

Are Custom Built eBike batteries safe?

YES! Given the alarming reports about unbranded eBike and scooter batteries causing fires, we feel it’s essential to introduce you to the safety of our eBike batteries.

Our batteries feature Samsung, Panasonic, or LG cells*. We have rigorously tested and designed them to deliver superior performance and enhanced safety for eBike enthusiasts.

What safety features do our batteries have?

Our batteries include a B.M.S. (Battery Management System), offering:

  • Over-Current Protection: preventing excessive current flow that can lead to overheating, damage, or even fires.
  • Over-Discharge Protection: Stopping battery discharge below a certain voltage level to prevent reduction in battery life, capacity, or irreversible cell damage.
  • Over-Charge Protection: Our batteries are designed with overcharge protection, minimising thermal runaway risk and enhancing battery life.
  • Short-Circuit Protection: If detecting a short circuit, the built-in protection system shuts down the battery, safeguarding users and preventing damage.
  • Balanced Charging: Maintain an equal voltage across all battery cells to optimise capacity and performance, extend battery lifespan, and prevent potential over or undercharging.

The batteries come in robust and durable casing:

  • The robust, weather-resistant casing shields battery cells from environmental damage, guaranteeing dependable performance in diverse conditions.

We test a sample of all our batteries to ensure that they have the capacity we advertise;

  • This ensures they will meet the demands of an eBike.  We’re probably one of the few UK based battery suppliers that actually publish discharge graphs of our batteries.

Our commitment drives us to provide environmentally sustainable, reliable, and safe batteries.

  • We invite eBike enthusiasts to enjoy our batteries’ unmatched safety and performance, joining the eco-conscious riders’ community.

*except 48V 20Ah Hard Case Triangle Battery and 52V 20Ah Hard Case Battery, which have carefully selected quality cells

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