Choosing the right motor for your bike

Choosing the right motor for your bike

We get it – there’s a lot of choice, however,
a few quick questions will help filter down the options!

The debate rages on about which type of motor is best for an eBike conversion. However, the best advice is that they will all turn your bike into a great eBike, and each has pros and cons. What may suit your style of riding may not suit another. Also, not all motors are created equally. Beware of bargain basement eBay offers – we spend a lot of time helping customers who bought poor quality motors and after a year, need to replace them. 

Feedback from our customers told us that they preferred the weight of the motor being centrally fitted so now we only supply mid-drive motors.

In the mid-drive market, we stock Bafang and Tongsheng motors.

If you want your motor to be road legal you need to purchase a 250w motor.

The main differences between the two motors is that the Tongsheng is torque sensing (the harder you pedal the harder the motor works), and the Bafang is cadence sensing (you set the power level and the motor goes to that level). Both motors allow you to set the speed limit to 15.5mph (road legal). The Tongsheng motor is also a little lighter than the Bafang.

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