Yes, absolutely!

Our kits are designed to be fitted at home by bike owners, so if you are comfortable with servicing your own bike then you will be able to do your own build.

Problem areas reported to us by customers are;

  • Soldering the connection between battery and motor.
  • Removing the bottom bracket.

The rest of the build is straight forward – the wiring harness is colour coded so it is plug in and go.

Firstly, measure your bottom bracket – the standard size for most bikes is between 67-73mm (which accommodate our motors).

How to measure your bottom bracket:


Anything larger, you’d need to consider a BBSHD 100 or 120mm. This is the only motor available from Bafang for a larger bottom bracket.

A few bikes will have a small chainwheel which suggests that the space between the teeth and the chainstay may be limited when a motor is installed.

We supply 3 styles of battery – downtube, rear rack, and triangle bag. The measurements for all of them are on the item pages of the shop – we recommend you carefully check the measurements against your bike.

Rear Rack


Bag Battery




Small Triangular Bag

Yes! They all offer the same capacity but are just differently shaped to accommodate more styles of bike.

You could try to mount the battery so that it is facing in the opposite direction e.g., facing the seat post not the handlebars.


Yes! You have 14 days to return it in it’s original packaging in unused condition.

However, measure twice, buy once! All the measurements are available in our shop and we would advise you to carefully check this before purchase.

Check out all the connections;

Motor to battery plug

Battery to mount contacts

The hydraulic brake cutouts (the magnet can move out of line with the sensor on the brake levers. If this has happened, the motor will cut out.)

Wiring harness

Display – Are there any error codes on your display?

The batteries and motors are waterproof rated as IP65 and designed to be used in all weather, however, they should NOT be submerged in water at any time. Our founder has used his Custom Built eBike almost daily for over 3 years to commute to work (averaging 20 days per month) so his bike has seen every type of British weather,

Do you want a road legal motor? 
YES – purchase a 250w motor (Bafang or Tongsheng).

How far do you want to travel?
Our 36v batteries range between 30-60miles, our 48v batteries 40-60 miles, and our 52v approx. 30-40 miles.

How much do you want to spend?
Our motors range between £389 and £689 and our batteries between £309 and £469.

We can book bike collection and delivery on behalf of a customer from within the UK mainland.

Read our testimonials or Google reviews. Our customers rate the quality of our work, our communications and our support.

Electric bike kits and upgrades are all we do – we specialise in this so understand the technology, the market and the pitfalls.

We have a dedicated electric bike workshop. We don’t play at this – we have specialist tools often not found in a traditional bike workshop.

Our pricing is fair – in fact, beyond fair. We offer some of the most competitive prices on the internet

We’re UK based, and offer UK warranties and support. So if something does go wrong, you’re protected.

Clearly we hope that your new electric bike will work perfectly for years to come, but just in case something does go wrong we are there to support you.

Assuming we built the bike, contact us if you suffer any problems with the bike, and we will work with you to try and rectify them. If they are not easy to fix and require additional support, we may ask you to take the bike to a local centre. Alternatively, we can arrange to have the bike brought back to us for fixing, or we may travel to you to undertake the work.

What don’t we cover?

We only cover the work that we have undertaken and parts that we have fitted. Furthermore we don’t cover normal wear and tear of your bike. For example, if you wear out your chain or brakes then we suggest your local bike shop should assist you.

We also won’t cover any damage that you have inflicted upon your bike! For example, if you smash up your motor attempting an epic jump which goes a little wrong, we’ll help you get your bike back on the road but it will cost you a little bit of money!

Finally, we won’t cover the motor if you decide to plug anything into it which we didn’t supply. In particular, screens or programming kits. We only supply kit that we know is of good quality and won’t damage things.  That weird little Bluetooth enabled screen that you bought off eBay may seem like a great idea, but when water gets into it and it shorts everything out this is something you’re going to have to deal with!

We’ll collect and return your bike if you want us to.

We’ll fit the motor and battery.

We’ll fit brake cut outs and a gear sensor if required.

We’ll change your chain if required.

We’ll carry out a 10 point check and make sure your electric bike works perfectly.

We can’t service your bike, but we will make sure that the work we carry out is done properly and safely.

We can’t fit kit which isn’t part of the electric bike conversion process.

We will only fit batteries and motors (and anything connected to these) which has been supplied by us.

There should be 4-10mm between the sensor on the chainstay and the magnet for it to work. On a Bafang motor this can be adjusted by loosening or tightening the screw.

If you are out of warranty and your product isn’t working properly, we will do our best to help you, however, there will be a cost incurred.

Firstly we will try to help you remotely to fix the problem (please quote your original order number when contacting us as our assistance will be denied without it).

If you choose to return the product to us for investigation, the collection and delivery must be organised and paid for by yourself. We charge a nominal fee of £40 to cover the time needed to look at and diagnose the problem. If we are able to fix the problem, we will contact you to discuss the cost and collect payment before we start work.

It must be noted, that returning items to us does not guarantee that a repair will be possible and we will let you know if this is the case.

Our troubleshooting advice will take you through a logical way to diagnose any issues that may arise during installation and use.
Before commencing troubleshooting, disconnect all components. Do not short cut this process. There are countless times a loose plug has caused grief. By disconnecting all the plugs and then reconnecting just the crucial components, this will solve any loose plug issue.
Go through one by one by plugging in the other components to see if any of these are the cause of the problem. In this basic state you may discover the culprit quickly.
Follow this link (motor troubleshooting) to see if it will help solve any problems.

Although our motors and batteries are crafted to the highest standards and go through stringent tests, any part of a bike, including those not linked to the electric system, can develop rattling or other noises for a variety of reasons.

1. Regular Bike Maintenance 
Often, a rattling noise is down to routine bike maintenance issues. Here are some typical areas to inspect:

  • Chain and Derailleurs – Make sure the chain is properly oiled and the derailleurs are adjusted right.
  • Rear Cassette – Worn rear cassettes are not always obvious to the naked eye, but can cause loud clicking sounds from the gears. You may want to consider replacing the rear cassette every couple of years
  • Brakes – Check the brake pads for signs of wear and see if the discs or rims are true and not bent.
  • Wheels – Always double-check that your bike wheels are securely fastened and properly aligned after using the quick release, or taking any heavy bumps. Misaligned wheels can cause issues with the tyres rubbing against the frame, creating vibrations.
  • Spokes – A noise can come from loose or broken spokes. Ensure they’re rightly tensioned.
  • Pedals and Crank Sets – Make sure they’re tightened and well lubricated.
  • Mudguards and Accessories – On occasion, mudguards, racks or other additions can cause the noise. Ensure they’re firmly fixed.

2. Motor/Battery Inspection
If you’re of the view that the noise is coming from the motor or battery:

  • Motor – Make sure it’s fastened securely and there aren’t any loose connectors or wires.
  • Battery – Ensure the battery sits properly in its mount and isn’t wobbly.

3. Professional Assessment
If, after inspecting the above areas, you’re still uncertain about the noise’s origin, we advise popping over to a local professional bike mechanic. They can provide a thorough check and identify any issues.

4. Warranty and Support 
Should a professional determine that the motor or battery is at fault after an inspection, do get in touch with our customer support team. We’re here to help and will ensure any product faults are sorted under our warranty’s terms.

Regular maintenance and checks are essential to ensure your bike remains in optimal condition and provides you with a smooth ride. Safe cycling!

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