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36V 250W Tongsheng Mid Drive motor – very small, with torque sensing

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£389.00 inc VAT

A tiny torque sensing 250W mid drive motor and screen – this means that the harder you work, the harder it works.  It has been engineered to be as small and light as possible whilst being one of the toughest motors we sell. Its also very cost effective!

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The Tongsheng mid drive 250W motor is a great way to upgrade your bike to an ebike – and remain completely road legal. Unlike the Bafang motors, it rewards effort by helping more as you pedal more (it has a built in torque sensor). They are also significantly smaller and lighter than the Bafang units.

Please watch the video below to see how to install, or we can install for you.

Key information:

  •  36V 250W mid drive motor with torque sensor
  • Brake sensors are not required
  • No thumb throttle – this provides assistance when you pedal
  • Suitable for most bikes
  • LCD Display
  • 42T chainwheel
  • Replacement cranks (both sides!)
  • All required cables
  • Fits 67 – 73mm BSA bottom bracket. Contact us if you need help identifying

Can I fit this myself?

Read our fitting guide here. If you require tools to take off your bottom bracket, pedal cranks and maybe split your chain, follow this link to purchase all of the tools.  If in doubt, get us to do the work!

How do I know if this mid drive motor fits for my bike?

This mid drive motor is designed to fit bikes with a 68mm (2.68inch) or 73mm (2.87inch) wide bottom bracket. The inner diameter of the bracket should be not less than 33.5mm.  Most modern bikes sold in the UK meet this standard (but please check).  We have a bottom bracket guide here.

We also provide a set of spacers to help you adjust the motor to fit your bike.


The Tongsheng torque sensor motor kit comes with a  1 year warranty based on purchase date. Please return to us for repair or replacement.

UK Legal Status

This is fully UK road legal.


Additional information

Bottom Bracket Size



Waterproof Grade

1 review for 36V 250W Tongsheng Mid Drive motor – very small, with torque sensing

  1. Julie (verified owner)

    Henry and team,
    I brought a Tongsheng Mid Drive Motor 36v 250W with 36v 19.2 AH battery for Christmas and have now had plenty of time to try it. The news is, I love it! It performs just as I wanted just like a normal bike, just with more power on each pedal. I can now keep up with the rest of the family and I no longer stay at home, because I can’t go the distance.
    When I got the package in the post the display was missing from the box, but with a phone call the item was very quickly dispatched. Infact all the team at Custombuild-ebikes have gone above and beyond in their service and help with my many questions.
    I was keen to put the motor on my Whyte’s mountain bike, but to my dismay found it didn’t fit. The Whyte’s bikes have a larger bottom bracket outer than the norm, so not enough room to slot on. We put it on my second choice bike and it fitted fine. The electrics were tricky and need some know how.
    We live in the Peak District where it is hilly to say the least and I have now done 80km and the battery is down to 1/3 (using tour setting for most of it, off on the down hills and speed setting for most of the hills.)
    I find the Turbo great for getting across junctions quickly and speeding up hills with a car behind.
    I now find I am challenging myself to reduce the power and work hard, but every now and then whizz past the rest of the family especially on the last hill home.

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