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48V 17.5Ah Downtube eBike Battery – Samsung Cells

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These batteries are manufactured exclusively for us and are the largest capacity you can get using Samsung cells within a Hailong Plus Case. (The Hailong Plus case used with these batteries is around 15mm less deep than the Hailong Max case used on our 22.5AH 48V battery – found here).

They offer a sturdy mounting base and fit to the screw holes used to attach your bottle. The case has a metal reinforcing plate for additional strength. They fit most standard frames, but please check the sizing before you order. You can mount them either way up so suit frames with high or low bottle mounts. You can also use rivnuts to hang them under a bar on your frame. We also supply rubber mounting spacers to help the battery fit snuggly to your frame.

We use a multi pin connection system between the battery and base rather than the traditional blade system. This gives better, more reliable connectivity.

The battery locks (using a key) to the base to prevent theft, but is easy to remove once you get home. It can be charged on or off the bike.

The battery contains a BMS (Battery Management System) that shuts down the battery when it becomes discharged. It also protects the battery from overload and accidental short circuit. It also monitors each call during charge to ensure uniform charging of all cells, which helps to prolong the batteries’ life. The use of good quality Samsung cells with an integrated BMS means that this battery should be good for at least 800 charges.

The batteries are waterproofed for normal UK use. In other words they are fine with rain, frost, snow and mud. Please don’t however throw them into a lake.

Battery Connections: These batteries come with XT60 socket sockets to connect them to your motor. We also supply a second XT60 plug with bare wires which you add to the motor if you wish.

Dimensions: They use a Hailong Plus case – 90mm x 112mm x 368mm

Packaging Content

  • Battery pack and backing plate
  • Keys
  • 2A Charger
  • XT60 plug and cable
  • Rubber mounting spacers

Important Advice

  • Do not short (join) the positive and negative wires of the battery
  • Do not reverse the polarity when connecting to the motor
  • Do not expose the battery to very high temperatures
  • Do not submerge the battery
  • Do not disassemble the battery
  • Do not use any charger unless it has been designed to charge this type of battery
  • Please consider the environment when disposing of this battery


1 year warranty based on purchase date. Please return to us for repair or replacement.

Additional information

Weight 5.9 kg
Dimensions 50 × 23 × 16 m
Charging Voltage


Discharge cutoff voltage


Continuous discharge current


Max discharge current


Max charging current


Charging temperature


Usage temperature range

-20~55 °C



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