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48V 17.5Ah Small Triangular Bag Battery

£399.00 inc VAT

These fantastic bag batteries fit many smaller frames that will not hold a standard downtube battery.

They are made to order, so please be aware that delivery time will be extended.

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These batteries come in a tough bag designed to fit within small frames, such as those found on full suspension bikes.

We use good quality branded cells, either Panasonic, Samsung or LG. The availability of these tends to vary so if you need know which of these we are using please ask us.

We use a BMS to protect your battery. These offer Over-Current Protection, Over-Discharge Protection, Over-Charge Protection, Short-Circuit Protection, Balanced charging

We can fit the battery with a range of connectors. Please let us know if you want anything in particular. As standard we fit bullet connectors.


We have added sizing information to the gallery – please check against your bike before purchasing.

The battery weighs around 2.5KG

Packaging Content

  • Battery pack and padded tough bag
  • 2A Charger

Important Advice

  • Do not short (join) the positive and negative wires of the battery
  • Do not reverse the polarity when connecting to the motor
  • Do not expose the battery to very high temperatures
  • Do not submerge the battery
  • Do not disassemble the battery
  • Do not use any charged unless it has been designed to charge this type of battery
  • Please consider the environment when disposing of this battery


1 year warranty based on purchase date. Please return to us for repair or replacement.


Additional information


Maximum Charge Rate


Maximum Discharge Rate



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