52V 20Ah Hard Case Triangular eBike Battery

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This battery will often fit frames that won’t easily take a standard downtube battery.

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The 52V 20Ah Hard Case Triangular eBike Battery is a high capacity and designed to fit securely within your frame. They often fit frames that won’t easily take a standard downtube battery.

The battery contains a BMS (Battery Management System) that shuts down the battery when it becomes discharged. It also protects the battery from overload and accidental short circuit. It also monitors each cell during charge to ensure uniform charging of all cells, which helps to prolong the batteries’ life.

Please check the sizing photo in the gallery.

They are suitable for the BBSHD – at 52V we do NOT recommend for the BBS02b. If you want a triangular battery for your BBS02b – get this 48V version instead.

  • We have added sizing information to the gallery – please check against your bike before purchasing


Battery Specification 
  • On off switch
  • No key release
  • USB port
  • Anderson connector
  • Quality Cells
  • B.M.S (Battery management system) We use a BMS to protect your battery. These offer Over-Current Protection,Over-Discharge Protection, Over-Charge Protection, Short-Circuit Protection, Balanced charging
Packaging Content
  • Battery
  • 2A 3 pin Charger
Important Advice
  • Do not short (join) the positive and negative wires of the battery
  • Do not reverse the polarity when connecting to the motor
  • Do not expose the battery to very high temperatures
  • Do not submerge the battery
  • Do not disassemble the battery
  • Do not use any charger unless it has been designed to charge this type of battery
  • Please consider the environment when disposing of this battery


Weight 7.71 kg
Charging Voltage


Discharge cutoff voltage


Continuous discharge current


Max discharge current


Max charging current


Charging temperature


Usage temperature range

-20~65 °C



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