750C Display

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UK Stock. 750C Display is commonly used with Bafang BBS01, BBS02, and BBSHD mid-drive motors. This display is large and easy to read.

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The 750C Display is commonly used with Bafang mid-drive motor systems, including the BBS01, BBS02, and BBSHD models. This display is larger and provides more information than the 500c. Here are some of its key features:

  • Size and Display: Slightly larger than the 500c, offering a bigger and clearer view. It comes with a full-colour, high-contrast LCD screen, providing a bright display that is readable in various light conditions, including direct sunlight.
  • Information Display: The 750C display provides extensive ride data, including current speed, maximum speed, average speed, trip distance, total distance (odometer), battery level, current assist level, and motor output.
  • Controls: Controls on the 750C display include options to adjust the assist level, switch the bike (and the light, if connected) on and off, and navigate through the display screens and settings. These controls are designed to be easily accessible and intuitive, even while riding.
  • Compatibility: The 750C display is primarily designed for use with Bafang mid-drive systems but may work with other eBike systems. It usually connects directly to the bike’s main wiring harness.
  • Settings: Allows you to adjust a variety of settings, including speed limits, backlight brightness, units of measurement (km/miles), and more.


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