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Bafang BBS02B 750W 48V mid drive electric bike motor conversion kit with P850C Colour screen

(5 customer reviews)

£449.00 inc VAT

Our most popular motor – by far! 750W pedal assist, with an added throttle bursting up to 1000W of amazing power. Conquer any hill, and have the time of your life. Don’t confuse this with a 250W prebuilt electric bike – this thing has serious POWER.

Please note that this kit is for the motor, screen, throttle, speed sensor and wiring harness. You will also need to choose a suitable battery if you don’t already have one.

Please view our batteries by following the links below:

48v batteries HERE


A chain wheel gives you a higher top end speed, a lower number gives you more ‘grunt’ for off road or steep inclines.

Let us know what type of brakes you have. Integrated cable brakes are where the brake lever and gear lever are one unit (ie not separate components).

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The Bafang BBS02B 750W electric bike motor conversion kit is our best selling electric bike motor conversion kit. We also provide the P850C colour screen without additional charge – please bear this in mind when comparing our price to others on the internet – we do aim to be the best value online retailer with UK stock and UK warranty.

The motor is very small and fits in front of your pedals, and is subtle in appearance. It provides powerful torque, high efficiency and low noise levels. Please read out fitting guide here.

All motors are reprogrammed using the ‘Hot rod’ settings for your ultimate performance. If you want to reprogram your controller, then consider buying a USB programming kit – available HERE.

Key information:

  •  25 amp controller (built into drive system) with upgraded IRFB3077 mosfets (ie reliable)
  • Replacement cable brake levers with motor cutouts (Hydraulic cutout sensors optional extra)
  • Bafang thumb throttle (may be used on both sides). The kit gives you pedal assistance and a throttle.
  • LCD Display – Bafang 850C – Full Colour
  • 44T/46T/52T chain wheel – make your choice.
  • Replacement cranks (both sides!)
  • Speed Sensor and magnet
  • All required cables

Can I fit this myself?

Read our fitting guide here. If you require tools to take off your bottom bracket, pedal cranks and maybe split your chain, follow this link to purchase all of the tools. You will also require a fitting wrench which you can add as an option (above).

Can I fit a 52V battery?

People do and seem to like the extra power – but it is your risk

Will the Bafang BBS02b fit my bike?

This motor is designed to fit bikes with a bottom bracket of between 67mm and 73mm. The inner diameter of the bottom bracket should be 33.5mm. Most modern bikes sold in the UK meet this standard (but please check). We have a bottom bracket guide here.

What is the optional gear sensor  for?

The gear sensor interrupts the motor when you change gear, and gives a smoother gear change.

How about the brakes?

The kit comes with a choice of replacement brake levers if you have standard brake cables,  stick on sensors if you have hydraulic brakes, or a combination of both if you have integrated brake cable brake levers (where the brake lever and gear selector are integrated into one unit). No matter what type you have, they all cut the motor when you brake so that you are not fighting the motor when trying to stop. This is a very useful safety feature!


The Bafang BBS02b comes with a 1 year warranty based on purchase date. Please return to us for repair or replacement.

UK Legal Status

The Bafang BBS02 is for off road use only in the UK.

Downloads / User Guides

Bafang BBS02 Install Guide

P850C Colour screen user guide

General install advice

Additional information

Weight 6.4 kg
Dimensions 0.32 × 0.23 × 0.27 cm

Motor Type




Waterproof Grade

5 reviews for Bafang BBS02B 750W 48V mid drive electric bike motor conversion kit with P850C Colour screen

  1. Liam Morris

    The Bafang motor was pretty easy to fit with all the YouTube videos to explain how to do it but what really mattered to me was the service I got before and after installing the motor and also the battery to the frame. I am now planning to fit one to my partners bike as she absolutely loves how it opens up so much more ground you can cover with really not a lot of hardship .thank you custom built ebikes I will be calling u again in the very near future to purchase another one.

  2. Steve Payton

    I would highly recommend purchasing a kit of Henry he was always there to help me and a really nice bloke to talk to the delivery service is second to none all in all a outstanding product and a amazing company

  3. Alfred reed (verified owner)

    Have recently purchased an ebike kit from here and have to say that the whole experience was effortless thanks to the excellent communication and after sales service Henry provided. The kit was well packaged and arrived promptly by courier. Instructions on website are concise and easy to follow. This is a quality product sold by knowledgeable people who make your experience as good as possible. Am very impressed with the torque and power of the motor. I would not hesitate to recommend Custom built Ebikes to anyone looking to convert their bike. Thank you for a great experience.

  4. james ross (verified owner)

    Took my kit to Spain to install on my Claude Butler MB. Explained to the very helpfull staff what i was doing, they helped me make sure i had every part and tools to take with me. The install went very well!!!!

    • Massey

      Hi James

      Thanks for your feedback. We’re really happy that it all went well.


  5. Stuart McNamara (verified owner)

    Firstly, amazing service from the team at Custom Built eBikes. Everything I ordered was in stock and arrived within 24 hours!
    Fitting the kit was straightforward and I am very happy with the performance, especially hill climbing here in the mendips.
    I will be making recommendations everywhere I go!

    • Massey

      Hi Stuart. Thanks for your lovely feedback.

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