C965A Display

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UK Stock. C965A Display is an LCD display for use with Bafang’s BBS01, BBS02, and BBSHD motors. Known for its durability and ease of use.

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The Bafang C965A display is an LCD display for use with Bafang’s BBS01, BBS02, and BBSHD motors. This display is more basic than some of Bafang’s other models, like the DPC-18, but it’s known for its durability and ease of use.

Here are some key features of the C965A Display:

  1. Size and Display: The C965A has a monochrome LCD. The display is compact, ensuring it doesn’t take up too much space on your handlebars. Despite its smaller size, it displays all the essential information you need.
  2. Information Display: The C965A provides key data to the rider, including current speed, max speed, average speed, battery level, trip distance, total distance (odometer), and current assist level.
  3. Controls: The C965A features intuitive controls to adjust the assist level, turn the eBike and its lights (if connected) on and off, and navigate through different screens and settings.
  4. Compatibility: With Bafang BBS01, BBS02 and BBSHD mid-drive motors. It connects directly to the bike’s main wiring harness.
  5. Settings: adjust settings such as speed limits and units (km/miles).
  6. Water-Resistance: Water-resistant, which can make it more durable in various weather conditions.

The C965A is a robust and simple display option. It might not have some of the more advanced features of newer displays but it’s a reliable choice that provides all the essential information most riders need.


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