Hydraulic Brake Cutouts

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UK Stock. Hydraulic Brake Cutouts. When activated they stop your motor. Easy to attach – the magnet and sensor both have adhesive pads to attach them.

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Hydraulic Brake Cut Outs are a safety feature installed on many eBikes. They’re designed to instantly cut power to the motor when the brakes are applied. This ensures that the bike will stop when you need it to, even if you accidentally apply throttle or if the motor is still providing assistance.

This is how they work:

  1. When the brake lever is pulled, the brake cutout sensor sends a signal to the controller of the eBike.

  2. The controller instantly cuts power to the motor.

  3. With the motor power cut, the full stopping power of the brakes can be used without any interference from the motor.

  4. Once the brake lever is released, the sensor sends another signal to the controller, which allows power to return to the motor.

The magnet and sensor both have adhesive pads to easily attach them.

They can also be used if your bike has integral brakes and gear sifters, which makes replacing the brakes with standard cutout brakes impossible.

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