Refurbished 36V 14.5Ah Downtube e-Bike Battery (06062023)

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All of or refurbished batteries have been tested and come with a 6 month warranty complete with test report and charger.

Please click on individual battery Additional information including the test report.

The images shown in the product gallery are of the actual refurbished battery you will receive.

The 36V 19.2Ah Downtube e-Bike Battery offers a sturdy mounting base and fits to the screw holes used to attach your bottle.

They fit most standard frames, but please check the sizing before you order.

They are suitable for any 36V motor.

  • 90mm x 111mm x 367mm
  • 3.9Kg
Battery Specification 
  • On off switch
  • Key release
  • B.M.S (Battery management system) Over charge, Over discharge, Over current,  Short circuit,  Balance
  • Upgraded connector
Packaging Content
  • Battery pack and base plate
  • 2A Charger with UK plug
  • 2 x Keys
  • Rubber mounting spacers
  • The battery comes with XT60 connectors and the corresponding male/female XT60 connector
Capacity Testing

Please see the tab ‘Battery Capacity and Testing’ (above)

Important Advice
  • Do not short (join) the positive and negative wires of the battery
  • Do not reverse the polarity when connecting to the motor
  • Do not expose the battery to very high temperatures
  • Do not submerge the battery
  • Do not disassemble the battery
  • Do not use any charger unless it has been designed to charge this type of battery
  • Please consider the environment when disposing of this battery


Battery Capacity and Testing

 The  graph shows this battery (36V14.5Ah) discharge tested to 20% capacity. Fully discharging a battery can damage it so we always leave 20% of charge (your motor normally does this for you).

As the measured capacity is 11.82Ah at 80%, the full capacity at 100% is measured at 14.78Ah



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