Refurbished 48V14Ah Downtube e-Bike Battery (48V14260922)

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Please note this battery is brand new, please see scuff mark on the side of the battery (please see image).

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Please click on individual battery Additional information including the test report.

The images shown in the product gallery are of the actual refurbished battery you will receive.

Battery Connections:
  • These batteries come with XT90 socket sockets to connect them to your motor. We also supply a second XT90 plug with bare wires which you add to the motor if you wish.
  • 90mm(W) x 111mm(H) x 366mm(L)
  • 4.3 KG
Battery Specification:
  • On off switch
  • Key release
  • B.M.S (Battery management system) Over charge, Over discharge, Over current,  Short circuit,  Balance
  • Upgraded connector
Packaging Content:
  • 2 x Keys
  • 2A Charger with plug
  • XT90 connectors and the corresponding male/female XT90 connector included
  • Rubber mounting spacers
Capacity Testing:

Please see the tab ‘Battery Capacity and Testing’ (above) to find out the actual measured capacity of this battery.

Important Advice:
  • Do not short (join) the positive and negative wires of the battery
  • Do not reverse the polarity when attaching to the motor
  • Do not expose the battery to very high temperatures
  • Do not submerge the battery
  • Do not disassemble the battery
  • Do not use any charger unless it has been designed to charge this type of battery
  • Please consider the environment when disposing of this battery


Battery Capacity and Testing

 The  graph shows this battery (48V 14.5Ah) discharge tested to 20% capacity. Fully discharging a battery can damage it so we always leave 20% of charge (your motor normally does this for you).

As the measured capacity is 12.88Ah at 80%, the full capacity at 100% is measured at 16.10Ah


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