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Let us build your new eBike

Why buy a whole new sub standard ‘eBike’ when you already have a great bike that you know is comfy, works well and is reliable – so why not turn it into an eBike?

What’s more – you get to pick the exact kit you want – maybe a large motor for off road speed? A larger battery so that you can go further off road? Or maybe a mid drive motor for great balance, performance and power when going up steep hills.

Whatever your need – pick your motor, your battery and then any accessories – and let us do the hard work of fitting it for you. We have done countless conversions. We have the specialist tools, the experience and the facilities to do a great job. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

What will we do?

We’ll collect and return your bike if you want us to.

We’ll fit the motor and battery.

We’ll fit brake cut outs and a gear sensor if required.

We’ll change your chain if required.

We’ll carry out a 10 point check and make sure your electric bike works perfectly.


What can't we do?

We can’t service your bike, but we will make sure that the work we carry out is done properly and safely.

We can’t fit kit which isn’t part of the electric bike conversion process.

We will only fit batteries and motors (and anything connected to these) which has been supplied by us.

What will it cost?

The basic build service is £199. In addition if we need to collect and return your bike we charge £35 for each direction (so £70 to collect AND return).  If the bike is in the South West we use a collection service (or our own van) that is able to move the bike without the need for a box. If further away we use and a box and packaging is provided.

If we fit a gear change sensor we will need to disconnect your gear cable. We often find that gear cables are frayed and worn. If that is the case we will replace with a new stainless steel gear cable, which are charged at £10. 

If your chain and cassette are badly worn then these also may need replacing. If we need to do this we’ll contact and check with any preferences but generally a new chain is around £20 and a new cassette is between £30 and £60.

What warranty is offered?

Clearly we hope that your new electric bike will work perfectly for years to come, but just in case something does go wrong we are there to support you.

Assuming we built the bike, contact us if you suffer any problems with the bike, and we will work with you to try and rectify them. If they are not easy to fix and require additional support, we may ask you to take the bike to a local centre. Alternatively, we can arrange to have the bike brought back to us for fixing, or we may travel to you to undertake the work.

What don’t we cover?

We only cover the work that we have undertaken and parts that we have fitted. Furthermore we don’t cover normal wear and tear of your bike. For example, if you wear out your chain or brakes then we suggest your local bike shop should assist you.

We also won’t cover any damage that you have inflicted upon your bike! For example, if you smash up your motor attempting an epic jump which goes a little wrong, we’ll help you get your bike back on the road but it will cost you a little bit of money!

Finally, we won’t cover the motor if you decide to plug anything into it which we didn’t supply. In particular, screens or programming kits. We only supply kit that we know is of good quality and won’t damage things.  That weird little Bluetooth enabled screen that you bought off eBay may seem like a great idea, but when water gets into it and it shorts everything out this is something you’re going to have to deal with!


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  • Rory Powell
    Posted 16 February 2021 at 7:20 pm

    I’m looking forward to you working on my bike I’m just waiting for your email

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