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What people say

George, Stockport

December 2020

Just to let you know that I have been using the battery on my bike, which you recently provided and it is providing a good service and working well. May I therefore take this opportunity to thank you both for helping me in this respect.

Alan, Birmingham

December 2020

Absolutely loving it Henry. Did 22 miles today with 1700 feet accent through beautiful Cannock Chase with the most stunning colours. Started off at 93% battery, got back with 72%. Use the assist when necessary and not when I don’t so still getting plenty of exercise too.

John, Bolton

November 2020

Thanks to you all for a fully professional service from first phone call, bike delivery, then hence a great first ride.”

I know I am going to enjoy the new experience ” and  trust  many miles will be covered.

Tony, London

October 2020

I completed the installation with no problems at all.

The installation looks much neater and uses the better componentry of the original bike. Previously we had a hub drive which was heavy and made the bike less manoeuvrable. I just tried this out and it is superb handling and 4 kilos lighter than the hub option with much better weight distribution. I wish these mid-drives had been more readily available 18 months ago.

Initial impressions are that this is a great product and I will be recommending to friends.

Paul, Fife

October 2020

I cycled ten miles today, and the battery lost no bars. To put that in perspective, I am a 18 stone man running on full assist. Quite impressive. My Vulcan ebike would have been down at least 1 quarter capacity.

John, Yorkshire

October 2020

Highly delighted with my newly electrified hybrid, the hills around Sheffield once daunting, now shamed. Super neat quick conversion job by Custom Built eBikes, always available to help and advise, easy transportation arrangements. Couldn’t be more pleased ‘

Giuseppe, Northamptonshire

October 2020

Well I went out yesterday  and what a machine love it, brilliant, fast and I want to thank you guys for all the help you given me  

Peter, Hampshire

September 2020

As a keen if somewhat aged cyclist, I have always been frustrated that my wife’s breathing problem prevented us from riding together except on quite flat roads, which are few and far between in our Hampshire countryside. For some time I had toyed with the idea of getting her an E-bike, but the expense was considerable and she was unsure whether she would take to it. Last year, on holiday in Austria, we hired a couple of mountain e-bikes which she enjoyed, but found heavy to handle when not riding. It struck me that a conversion of her own hybrid bike to an e-bike would suit her very well.

Lately, I came across the Bafang coversion kits on Amazon and Ebay. As she already had a little-used hybrid bike, this seemed a relatively low-cost way of converting her bike. However, I was not that keen on buying what seemed a fairly complex system with little support in the UK, so I started to research knowledgable UK sources of the kit, and soon found a few possibilities. Like Callum of Stockport, Henry’s approachable and helpful manner in a lengthy online chat convinced me to pay the extra for him to do a professional conversion on my wife’s bike. The logistics of this couldn’t have been easier, since he took care of collecting the bike from our house, doing the conversion, and delivering it back ready to go, all within 3 weeks.

My wife tried it out on a 9-mile hilly route for the first time today, and is absolutely delighted that she is now able to ride anywhere on what is a virtually new e-bike.

Callum, Stockport

September 2020

After moving further away from my work, I decided that I needed an electric assisted bike to make my now 20 mile a day and rather hilly commute easier.  

A quick google search brought up several electric bike conversion services and I emailed most of them to get their response. Henry provided the quickest and most informative replies. I knew from his fast responses and enthusiasm that he would be the best person to trust with converting my bike to an e-bike.

The whole process took about two weeks from start to finish and Henry answered any questions I had over these two weeks promptly and with full answers to my questions. 

The bike has completely transformed my commute. My commute used to take 40-50 mins and now I can do it in 30 mins. I can accelerate quickly from traffic lights and maintain a good speed in the city which leads to less cars performing close passes. Moreover, hills are now no problem at all. I live at the top of a big hill with a steep gradient. Before, I used to have to dismount my bike and walk it up as the hill is just too steep but now I fly up the hill with ease.

If you’re thinking about whether or not to convert your bike to an e-bike just take the leap and get it converted with custombuilt-ebikes. The customer service is fantastic and the end product will literally transform how you cycle.

Paul, Exeter

September 2020

After doing a bit of research into Electric bicycles I found out about A friend also had been thinking of getting a new Electric bike. I suggested having his current bike, which was in good condition converted to make it electric. Sent him the link to this site. He liked his current bike & didn’t know it was possible he could get it upgraded to be electric. We were both very pleased with the information & details provided not only from the website but also speaking with and meeting up with Henry who runs the business. After seeing the great job done on my friends bike, I’ll also be getting my bike converted.