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Should I buy a new ebike, or upgrade?

So why should I get you to convert my bike to an eBike or buy a kit from you rather than just buying a brand new eBike?

We get asked this question daily, and actually there are so many reasons it’s easier to just list a few of them here.

  1. Price. This is actually in our view not the best reason, but it is still a good one. Converting your existing bike to an eBike will almost certainly cost you less than buying a new eBike. Unless you buy some dodgy cheap Chinese import that won’t last a month and will probably put you off eBikes for life!
  2. Get the spec you want. When people call us about eBikes, we ask a series of questions to understand their exact requirements. How far do they want to travel? What type of cycling? What type of use? How fast do they want to go?  In some cases we even get told about where they live (such as the Alps), their age and their fitness levels. We then make a recommendation of a kit, battery and accessory combination that’s a perfect fit. A new eBike is generally a compromise. It’s already built so you don’t get this level of choice.
  3. Quality! You already know what the bike is like – you probably already ride it so you know it’s a good bike. The motors we sell are only from brands we trust – they are tough, they last, and they’re well made.  Buying off the shelf often means the bike itself is a little iffy, and as for the motor and battery? What cells does the battery have? Who made the motor?
  4. Long life and serviceability. We only sell motors and batteries that we either hold or can readily get spares for. Accidents happen – but we know we can fix everything we sell. We also offer a decent 12 month warranty. When you buy that new eBike, can you get parts? Can you fix it if it goes wrong?
  5. Power and Torque. The mid motors we sell (especially the Bafang ones) have huge amounts of Torque, and Power. For example, the road legal Bafang BBS01 is 250W yet puts out 80NM of torque. Ask the seller of that new eBike you have seen what the motor puts out, and we would be surprised if it was anywhere near this.  And of course, if you want to use it off road, you can specify a 750W or even 1000W motor! That’s 40MPH – you aren’t going to get that on an off the shelf bike
  6. Keep the bike you love. A common opening point when people call is ‘I love my bike, but I really need some assistance with hills’. No problem – if you have a great bike, upgrade it, don’t bin it.
  7. Go green!  Throwing way a perfectly good bike just to buy an eBike is a complete waste of resources. Upgrading your bike to an eBike is better for the environment than buying a new eBike
  8. Better batteries. Many of Halfords off the shelf eBikes come with 8AH batteries, which they claim are good for at least 40 miles. Our smallest battery is 12.5AH. And we say it is good for 30 miles. So which of us is over promising and under delivering, and which is under promising and over delivering?
  9. Throttle – Yes, all of our Bafang kits come with a throttle. There is nothing quite like hanging on your eBike and riding up a steep muddy path using a throttle. You aren’t going to get this on an off the shelf eBike.
  10. Full Suspension / Shopper / Cargo Bike / Tandem / Recumbent – You can turn almost any bike into an eBike!

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